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Fashion Design Accessory Animal Fur
Fur Balls Animals
Purse Handle
Purse Metal Handles
Fashion Hardware Purse Handle Hook Alloy
Purse Strap Hooks
Fashion Design Purse Handle Bamboo
Purse Bamboo Handles
Fashion Handbag Feet Iron
Purse Metal Feet
Fashion Design Fittings
Fashion Hanger Loops
Hanger Loops
Accessory Design Supply Pins Jeweled
Split Jeweled Pins
Plates Leather Jean
Leather Jeans Plates
Accessory Design Supply Plates Metal Logo
Metal Logo Plates
Fashion Accessory Design Rhinestones
Iron-on Rhinestones
Accessory Design Supply Rivets Alloy
Alloy Rivets
Fashion Design Snaps Alloy
Fashion Supply Metal Studs
Fashion Tags Labels
Tags Labels
Fashion Supply Velcro
Buckle Design Supply
Headband & Shoe Buckles
Fashion Design Fabric
Cotton Waffle Fabric
Accessory Iron-On Machine
Iron-on Applique Machine
Fashion Design Applique Rhinestone Iron-on Tree
Iron-on Rhinestone Appliques
Accessory Sequin
Iron-on Sequins Appliques
Fashion Accessory Iron-On Patch
Iron-on Patch
Iron-on Fashion Accessory Patches
Iron-on Embroidered Patch
Sew-On Fashion Patches
Sew-on Patch
Accessory Design Supply Zippers Plastic
Alloy Zippers
Accessory Design Supply Zippers Head Toggle
Head Toggle Zippers
Accessory Design Supply Zippers Metal
Metal Zippers
Accessory Design Supply Zippers Nylon
Nylon Zippers
Accessory Design Supply Zippers Plastic
Plastic Zippers
Rhinestone Zippers
Rhinestone Zippers
Accessory Feather Cock
Cock Feathers
Accessory Feather Fancy Loose
Fancy Loose Feathers
Accessory Feather Peacock Tail
Peacock Tail Feathers
Accessory Feather Pheasant Skin
Pheasant Skin Feathers
Accessory Feather Pheasant Tail
Pheasant Tail Feathers
Accessory Feather Trim Flower Bosom
Trim Flower Bosom Feathers
Accessory Feather Trim Hat
Hat Trim Feathers
Accessory Feather Trim Pads
Trim Pads Feathers
Accessory Feather Trim Pheasant
Pheasant Feather Trim
Sewing Hamper
Sewing Hamper
Sewing Box Wood Tapestry
Tapestry Sewing Box
Sewing Box Wood
Wood Sewing Box
Sewing Box Woven
Woven Sewing Box
Button Index
Sewing Curtain Hooks
Curtain Hooks
Sewing Curtain Ribbon
Curtain Ribbon
Sewing Curtain Rings
Curtain Rings
Sewing Curtain Runners
Curtain Runners
Sewing Dressmaker Binding Bia
Dressmaker Binding Bia
Sewing Dressmaker Collar Stay
Dressmaker Collar Stays
Sewing Dressmaker Eyelets
Dressmaker Eyelets
Sewing Dressmaker Fasteners No Sew
Dressmaker No-Sew Fasteners
Sewing Dressmaker Fasteners Nylon
Dressmaker Nylon Fasteners
Sewing Dressmaker Fasteners Sew-On
Dressmaker Sew-On Fasteners
Sewing Dressmaker Hem Binding Clips
Dressmaker Hem Binding Clips
Sewing Dressmaker Hooks Bars
Dressmaker Hooks Bars
Sewing Dressmaker Hooks Eyes
Dressmaker Hooks Eyes
Sewing Dressmaker Lace Embroidery
Dressmaker Lace Embroidery
Sewing Dressmaker Lace Zig-Zag Weaving
Dressmaker Zig-Zag Weaving Lace
Sewing Dressmaker Loops Cloth
Dressmaker Cloth Loops
Sewing Dressmaker Loops Coat Hanging
Dressmaker Coat Hanging Loops
Sewing Dressmaker Motifs Crochet
Dressmaker Crochet Motifs
Sewing Dressmaker Motifs Floral
Dressmaker Floral Motifs
Sewing Dressmaker Pencil Brush
Dressmaker Pencil & Brush
Sewing Dressmaker Pencil
Dressmaker Pencil
Sewing Dressmaker Pencil Sharpener
Dressmaker Pencil & Sharpener
Sewing Dressmaker Ribbon
Dressmaker Ribbon
Sewing Dressmaker Ribbon Satin
Dressmaker Ribbon Satin
Sewing Dressmaker Rivets
Dressmaker Rivets
Sewing Dressmaker Shoulder Pads
Dressmaker Shoulder Pads
Sewing Dressmaker Tracing Wheel
Dressmaker Tracing Wheel
Sewing Dressmaker Velcro Dots
Dressmaker Velcro Dots
Sewing Dressmaker Velcro Self-Stick
Dressmaker Self-Stick Velcro
Sewing Dressmaker Velcro Sew-On
Dressmaker Sew-On Velcro
Sewing Dressmaker Cord Cotton
Dressmaker Cotton Cord
Sewing Dressmaker Cord Ends
Dressmaker Cord Ends
Sewing Dressmaker Cord Polyester`
Dressmaker Polyester Cord
Sewing Dressmaker Cord Stops
Dressmaker Cord Stops
Sewing Dressmaker Elastic Braided
Sewing Dressmaker Elastic Knitted
Sewing Dressmaker Elastic Metallic
Sewing Dressmaker Elastic Round
Sewing Dressmaker Tape Hemming
Hemming Tape
Sewing Dressmaker Tape Hemming Instant
Instant Hemming Tape
Sewing Dressmaker Tape Metal Snap
Metal Snap Tape
Sewing Dressmaker Tape Textile Cotton
Cotton Textile Tape

China Factory Minimum Quantity of these sewing dressmaking fashion design items can be negotiated with factories. Dollar Amount is often more important to smaller factories than the quantity of each piece. Minimum quantity often can be divided among several sewing dressmaking fashion designstyles or stock numbers. Please inquire with us about your specific needs for smaller quantities than those listed. Smaller quantity can result in a bit higher price. Ask us for a quote.

Custom Orders are possible with any of our sewing dressmaking fashion design products. Send us a .jpg example of what you want. If we don't have it, we can get it.


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