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Made in China


  Cyber Import, Bauhinia Court Building, Beijing

Mrs. Li, Chun Bo
Currently at home office in Beijing, China
Mobile: 86-139-1101-3461

Mail Samples via Post Office To:
First, confirm which office is best for you.
Please include telephone number shown below,
no matter what your local post advises.

Mr. Li Chun Sheng
Tel: 86-158-2576-3686
Room 401, Unit 2, Building 21
Shang Ren Cun, Huan Cheng Nan Road
Yiwu, Zhejiang
CHINA 322023


Mrs. Li Chun Bo
Tel: 86-139-1101-3461
Suite C, Floor 8, Tower 1
#30 North Road Dong Shan Huan
Chao Yang Zone, Beijing
CHINA 100026

Contact Person: Mrs. Li ChunBo

Office Hours: 08:00 - 20:00 China Time:

For Int'l Customers (English)
Mrs. Li ChunBo, Mobile: 86-139-1101-3461
Beijing: 86-10-8596-9056

Zhejiang, China Branch (Chinese):
Mr. Li ChunSheng, Yiwu: 86-158-2576-3686
Serves Ningbo and Shanghai port area

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Current Skype On-Line Status:
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Skype ID: cyberimport_sales
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Maps to Cyber Import, Beijing:

Maps to Cyber Import, Beijing
Please phone before Beijing visit.

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