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Assorted lots. Low price. Immediate shipment within USA. Save postage.  

Cloisonne Figurine Lot
Cloisonne Figurine Lots
Mother Pearl Pendant Lot
Mother Pearl Pendant Lots
Coral Bead Strand Lot
Coral Bead Lots
Agate Necklace Lot
Agate Necklace Lots
Pearl Bead Strand Lots
Pearl Bead Strand Lots
Boxwood Pendant Lot
Boxwood Pendant Lots
Crystal Skull Figurine Lot
Crystal Skull Lot
Boxwood Japanese Tea Scoop Lot
Boxwood Tea Scoop Lot
Silk Scarf Lot
Silk Scarf Lot
Carved Gemstone Squirrel Bead Lot
Carved Gemstone Bead Lots
Boxwood Figurines Lot
Boxwood Figurine Lots
Jade Wood Brass Figurine Lot
Jade Brass Figurine Lot
Cloisonne Candle Stick Lot
Cloisonne Candle Stick Lot
Tibet Bead Bags Lot
Tibet Bead Bag Lot
Dragon Agate Bracelet Lot
Agate Bracelet Lots
Silver Plate Figurne Lot
Silver Plated Figurine Lots
Silver Plated Black Agate Bookmark Lot
Silver Plate Agate Bookmarks Lot
Agate Bracelet Lot
Assorted Bracelets Lot
Carved Horn Spoon Lot
Horn Spoon Lot
Chinese Collector Lot
Chinese Collector Gift Lot
Assorted Pendant Lot
Assorted Pendant Lot
Jewel Box Lot
Jewel Box Lots
Mother Pearl Figurine Lot
Mother Pearl Figurine Lot
Mother Pearl Jewel Box Lot
Mother Pearl Jewel Box Lot
Bone Turtle Pendant Lot
Bone Pendant Lots
Cinnabar Jewelry Sets Lot
Cinnabar Jewelry Set Lot
Silver Buddha Necklace Lot
Silver Buddha Necklace Lots
Crystal Quartz Necklace Lot
Crystal Necklace Lots
Red Silk Table Cloth Lot
Silk Table Cover Lot

Small quantity, pick your own assortment. Low price. Immediate shipment from China.

Bead Pearl
Pearl Strands
$3.46 each
Bead Pearl
Pearl Strands
$3.46 each
Bead Mother of Pearl
Bead Strand MOP
$1.02 each
Bead Mother of Pearl
Bead Strand MOP
$1.02 each
Necklace Green Jade
Necklace Jade
$2.64 each
Fluorite Pendant
Pendant Fluorite
From $0.47 each
Pendant Rose Quartz
Pendant Quartz
From $0.47 each
Pendant Leopard Jasper
Pendant Jasper
From $0.50 each
Fancy Jasper Pendant
Pendant Jasper
From $0.47 each
Silk Bag
Silk Bag
$0.89 each

Closeouts Options:
Specials are marked throughout our catalog and also via thumbnail links below.

    These are samples left behind in USA for trade shows which we no longer attend. Factory re orders from China are possible for many of the items. Closeouts are pre-packed assortments and cannot be cherry picked as with the Sample Bin. We have no office or staff in the States to accomodate this.
    We accumulate many samples and extras from our domestic China factories and export business. Some are one of a kind, while others can be re ordered at regular price. For samples only, the minimal order is just $50. You can choose whatever assortment you need. The samples can shipped alone, or added to your regular orders to spread the freight costs.

Most items in our catalog have no samples in stock. They can be arranged with larger orders, which requires a deposit. Further details of this is on our Sample Info Page.

Immediate Shipment:
No production wait. All closeouts and other goodies from the Sample Bin are in stock and available for immediate shipment. Our normal $500 minimum dollar order does not apply to Closeouts and Sample Bin items. Contact us for the shipping rates to your destination.

If you can't find it in our catalog, email us and we'll advise available options for quanity and price. Our Closeouts and Sample Bin are great to get started in the import business on a shoestring budget. They are perfect for eBay re sellers, flea market specialists, or market testing. We export to customers both large and small.


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