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Christmas Holiday Necklaces
Holiday Necklaces - Christmas
Necklace Holiday Halloween
Holiday Necklaces - Halloween
Necklace Horn
Horn Necklaces
Leather Necklace
Leather Necklaces
Light Up Necklace
Light-Up Necklaces
Magnetic Necklace
Magnetic Necklaces
Mood Necklace
Mood Necklaces
Natural Nut Necklace
Natural Nut Necklaces
Olive Pit Jewelry
Pit Necklaces

Plastic Necklaces
Resin Necklace
Resin Necklaces
Dry Flower Resin Necklace
Resin Necklaces - Dry Flower
Insect Resin Necklace
Resin Necklaces - Insect
Silicone Necklace
Silicone Necklaces
Necklace Silk
Silk Necklaces
Silver Necklace
Silver Necklaces
Custom Made Stainless Steel Necklace
Stainless Necklaces
Taguanut Necklace
Tagua Nut Necklaces
Seashell Necklace
Seashell Necklaces
Animal Teeth Necklace
Animal Teeth Necklaces
Wire Wrap Necklace
Wire Wrap Necklaces
Metal Necklace
Tibet Necklaces
Wood Necklace
Wood Necklaces 1
Boxwood Necklace
Wood Necklaces 2
Necklace Crystal
Czechoslovakia Crystal Necklaces
Crystal Necklace
Cherry Quartz Necklaces
Fiber Optic Necklace
Fiber Optic Necklaces
Glass Necklace
Glass Necklaces 1
Glass  Necklace
Glass Necklaces 2

Millefiori Glass Necklaces
Necklace Moon Glass
Moon Glass Necklaces
Murano Glass Necklace
Murano Glass Necklaces
Glass Picture Necklace
Picture Glass Necklaces
Rhinestone Glass Necklace
Rhinestone Glass Necklaces 1
Rhinestone Glass Necklace
Rhinestone Glass Necklaces 2
Necklace Crystal 768 Aloy Chain
Rhinestone Glass Necklaces 3
Necklace Crystal
Swarovski Crystal Necklaces
Abalone Shell Necklace
Abalone Shell Necklaces

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces 1
Pearl Necklace
Freshwater Pearl Necklaces 2
Glass Pearl Necklaces

Magnetic Pearl Necklaces
Necklace Pearl Plastic
Plastic Pearl Necklaces
MotherPearl Necklace
Mother Pearl Necklaces 1
MotherPearl Necklace
Mother Pearl Necklaces 2

China Wholesale Source for Necklaces. Hand-crafted or carved from amber, bone, boxwood, ceramic, cinnabar, coral, enamel, silver, gemstone, and pearls. Our necklaces can be customized with colors of your choice. Bead or Pendant holes can be drilled in any direction that you require. Themes can be specifically carved for you. We can provide any of your necklace requirements. These are only representative examples. By the dozen, or by the thousand. Shipped direct from China. If we don't have it, we can get it. Give us your price to beat!

Custom Necklace Assembly Available. Have a special design that you've created which sells well, but you don't have enough hands to create? Or perhaps a necklace that you wish came in a matched set? We can custom produce any necklace from any beads. Cyber Import can create whatever you need.

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