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Oil Painting City Scape
Glass Bead Knick-Knack
Decoration Natural Coral
Decorative Scroll Curtain
Scroll Window Shades
Decoration Curtain Beaded Plastic AngelhtmAngel
Plastic Bead Curtains
Decoration Curtain Beaded Wood
Wood Bead Curtains
Decoration Dynasty Shard
Dynasty Shard
Decorative Flowers Artificial
Artificial Flowers
Decorative Flowers Feather
Feather Flowers
Decorative Fountain
Christian Fountains
Glass Jars
Decorative Rattan Animal
Rattan Decorations

Iron Fireplaces
Artifical Fireplace
Artificial Fireplaces

Marble Fireplaces
Piggy Bank Ceramic
Ceramic Piggy Banks
Piggy Bank Polyresin
Polyresin Piggy Banks
Tin promotion Piggy Bank
Tin Promotion Piggy Banks
Plants Artificial
Artificial Plants
Plants Holiday Ornament Long Stem
Holiday Long Stem Plants
Decorative Light Up Plants
Light-Up Plants
Wood Wall Mirror
Wood Wall Mirror
Bamboo Baskets
Bamboo Baskets
Plush Toy Woven Baskets
Plush Toy Baskets

Shan Mu Tree Root Baskets
woven lace
Woven Lace Baskets
Basket Weave Metal
Woven Metal Baskets
Basket  Weave Wood
Woven Wood Baskets
Woven  Set Covered
Woven Covered Baskets
Woven Set Hamper
Woven Hamper Baskets
Woven Set Hinged
Woven Hinged Baskets
Woven Set Lined
Woven Lined Baskets
Woven  Set Open
Woven Open Baskets
Woven Set Wheeled
Woven Wheeled Baskets
Agate Carving
Agate Bowls
Kitchen Dish Plate
Peking Glass Bowls

Cut Glass Bowls
Bowl Glass Iron
Glass Iron Bowls
Motherpearl Carving
Mother Pearl Bowls
Resin Birthday Candles
Birthday Candles
cocktail glass
Cocktail Glass Candles
Holiday Candles
Holiday Candles
Resin Candles
Resin Candles
Candles Scented
Scented Candles
Candle Wax Shell
Wax Shell
candle holder bead
Beaded Candle Holders
Brass Candleholder
Brass Candle Holders
Cloisonne Carving
Cloisonne Candle Holders
Candleholder Floor Metal
Floor Standing Candle Holders
Candle Holder Glass
Glass Candle Holders
glass crystal
Glass Crystal Candle Holders
Candleholder Glass Iron
Glass Iron Candle Holders
candle holder holiday
Holiday Candle Holders
Candleholder Iron
Iron Candle Holders
Candleholder Metal
Metal Candle Holders
Candleholder Metal Rattan
Metal Rattan Candle Holders

Plastic Candle Holders
Resin Candle Holder
Resin Candle Holders
Candleholder Wall Iron
Iron Wall Candle Holders
Candleholder Wall Metal
Metal Wall Candle Holders
Decoration Candle Holder Wood
Wood Candle Holders
Wood Candle Base
Unfinished Wood Candle Bases
Foil Liner
Candle Foil Liners

Crystal Lamps
Lamp Ball Glass and Plastic
Crystal Ball Lamps

Cut Glass Lamps
Lamp Shade Finial
Lamp Finials
Hanging Lamp
Hanging Lamps
household lava lamp light
Lava Lamps
LED Desk Lamp
LED Lamps
Lamp Magic Touch
Magic Touch Lamps
Metal Table Lamp
Metal Lamps
Nightlight Stained Glass
Stained Glass Nightlights

Painted Glass Lamps
Lamp Lantern Paper
Paper Lanterns
Wood Table Lamp
Wood Lamps
Lamp Rattan Weave
Rattan Lamps
Resin Table Lamp
Resin Lamps

Sandstone Buddha Lamps
Lamp Shades Needlepoint
Shades Lamps
Decorations Stained glass
Stained Glass Lamps
Lamp Porcelain Base
Porcelain Base Lamps
Lamp Porcelain Pedestal Set
Porcelain Pedestal Lamps
Lamp Porcelain Vase Set
Porcelain Vase Lamps

China Factory Minimum Quantity of household decoration items can be negotiated with factories. However, most factories export by the container loads. Please inquire with us about your specific needs for smaller quantities. Sometimes it is possible to buy smaller quantity from Chinese distributors but can result in a higher price. Ask us for a quote.

Custom Orders are possible with any of our products. We can source modern production of household decoration items according to your design. Send us a .jpg example of what you want. If we don't have it, we can get it.


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