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Gruppets Styles:
Gruppet puppets are most popularly exported and displayed as "assorted colors". Since production runs are smaller, the colors and some printed fabric often change slightly. Available in three body styles. The display in your store is an explosion of eye-catching color. Great demonstration toy to stop traffic.

Fun Toy Or Educational Tool?
Gruppet puppets command attention. The potential for fun from clean-hearted to the bawdy is unlimited. Civic groups to include teachers, lecturers, ministers, and law enforcement have applauded the versatility of puppets for role-play and communicating the problems of growing up.

Grady Gruppet
Grady Gruppet
Grant Gruppet
Grant Gruppet
Dr. Condom Gruppet
Dr. Condôm
Gretta Gruppet
Gretta Gruppet
Gruppet Couples: Mature Gruppets:

Easily capture a child's imagination with the irresistible Grant and Grady Gruppet puppets. Coordinated colors are always made among all three styles if you want a matching set. Get the trio with both gals, or a boyfriend-girlfriend pair. Great gifts to split between lovers. Your company sales do better since most customers buy more than one.

Our newer styles are at the risque end of the Gruppet spectrum. As might be expected, they are also the most popular among mature fans. Dr. Condôm has a special message. Gretta is the sexiest puppet alive. They might have been considered pornographic in 1912. These days their features provide opportunity for adult-laced humor, or an educational window geared toward the young.

Grady Gruppet Puppet

Gruppets are an affordable, professional-quality puppet designed for maximum animation and real-life appearance. Labor intensive in production, many details are incorporated that make these puppets more fun. Movable arms and special mouth-piece are just the beginning. View the list of features and optional close-up images at:

Gruppet T-Shirts

Greeting T-Shirts:
Design your own optional Gruppet-sized T-shirt! Great for your business promotion, special town event, tourist attractions, holiday season, or creative idea of your own. If you're feeling more naughty than nice, express it with a mature theme T-shirt. We'll print any T-shirt on transfer machines in Beijing. Give us your own logo or artwork, or browse through our cyber racks for ideas at:

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