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CYBER IMPORT is an import export agent and manufacturer. We source factory production goods at the lowest prices. The Internet now allows you to acquire goods online more easily than historically possible.

SAMPLE REQUESTS can often be provided at FOB prices before the main order. This actually works well to assure us both that your later shipment will be as required. However, samples for most products are not immediately available from our office. We are not a warehouse distributor such as in your country from whom goods can be bought at wholesale right off the shelf. All our China production and samples come direct from the factory. Acquisition from a remote factory or multiple factories with a wide range of goods can take several days.

MOLD FEES are required by some factories. This is a deposit to create the mold that makes your sample. Fees vary by factory and complexity of mold. The mold fee often is refundable after a certain production quantity. Other factories require a 30% order deposit before manufacturing a mold.

INQUIRY CHALLENGES confront us due to the ease with which we can be accessed on the Internet. Our website gets thousands of visitors. Anyone from a ten year old kid to a company CEO can email us an inquiry. We cannot offer samples to all.

PRICE QUOTES for any goods in our catalog are free of charge. We can also source and get prices for just about anything made in China. Quotes are often only good for 15 days. Prices are always evolving due to exchange rates and material costs.

SAMPLE FEE REBATES will be given with the first factory production order when offered. However, any hidden transfer fee that is deducted by third party banks in initial wire payment are non-refundable. Your initiating transfer bank can advise of this potential and confirm if they are a correspondence bank with Bank of China.

Factory Sample Requests

SURCHARGE OF US$50 or more at our discretion can be tacked onto first time sample needs. It is our attempt to eliminate non-importer inquiries. To discourage these Internet shoppers greatly reduces overhead. That in turn allows us to pass on the savings via the lowest FOB prices for legitimate importers. Any surcharge fee will be returned as rebate with the first production order. The surcharge solves these challenges:

  • SAMPLE OVERHEAD rises dramatically to acquire them. It normally costs much more in transportation and other costs than the motivation allowed by our razor-thin profit margins.
  • THIRD PARTY BANK FEES often pop up in wire transfer payments. Bank of China charges nothing for incoming remittances. The importer is usually unaware that his bank doesn't have a direct connection with us. Those hidden relay banks can charge $10-$30 transaction fees.
  • CLEVER IDEAS abound among our daily email inquiries. Favorite is to pose as an importer or aspiring entrepreneur in the hope to get a great price on that birthday present for Aunt Betty, etc. Sorry, but we are not equipped to be a retail shopping service, even at higher prices.
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