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Thumb Nail
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Description: Minimum Quantities are flexible with each factory, the dollar value of total order, and the range of products ordered. Please inquire about your needs.
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OUR ONLINE CATALOG and this erasers page serve as a cross-section of our China exports. Greater variety is available. Email us a photo example of what you seek. Export prices often change. All are re confirmed after your inquiry. You will be emailed a pro-forma invoice offer.

Office Erasers                                 ofes039: Office Writing Erasers 1 Box
Soft, Sun stationery. Non-toxic. 24 pcs per box
ofes039 $1.00 480pcs 732 3.8x3.8x1cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes038: Office Writing Erasers 1 Box
Specialize in 4B pencil writing. Blue, pink and green. 6pcs per bag
ofes038 $1.67 2592pcs 1029.6 1.8x1.9x0.7
Office Erasers                                 ofes037: Office Writing Erasers Cartoon 1 Box
Stick shape, multi-color, 12pcs per box
ofes037 $1.92 31320pcs 948.6 5.2x0.5cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes036: Office Writing Erasers 1 Box
Non-toxic. 36pcs per box. Blue, pink and black
ofes036 $1.53 432pcs 889.2 5x3.5x0.5cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes035: Office Writing Erasers BBC 1 Box
20pcs per box
ofes035 $1.00 400pcs 662 6.4x2.8x1cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes034: Office Writing Erasers Cartoon 1 Box
Non-toxic. 36pcs per box
ofes034 $1.25 576pcs 720 5.5x3x0.7cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes033: Office Writing Erasers 1 Box
Non-toxic. 30pcs per box
ofes033 $1.12 600pcs 831 5.4x2.6x1cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes032: Office Writing Erasers 1 Box
Non-toxic. 16pcs per box. Specialize in 4B pencil writing
ofes032 $1.20 320pcs 1120 8.5x4x1cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes031: Office Writing Erasers BBC 1 Box
Non-toxic. 30pcs per box. Specialize in 2B pencil writing
ofes031 $1.28 600pcs 933 6x3.2x1cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes030: Office Writing Erasers 1 Box
Non-toxic. 30pcs per box. Specialize in 2B pencil writing
ofes030 $1.24 600pcs 945 7x2.5x1cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes029: Office Writing Erasers Shoes 1 Card
Red, brown, purple and yellow
Packing: 4pairs/Card
ofes029 $0.20 240pcs 85.7 Card: 18.4x10.5cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes028: Office Writing Erasers Round Letters 1 Card
With pink heart shape box
Packing: 10pcs/Card
ofes028 $0.24 288pcs 67 Card: 18.4x10.5cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes027: Erasers PVC Plastic Pen Pretty Girl 1pc
Print on the other side
ofes027 $0.08 10000 22.6 13x1.5cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes026: Office Erasers TPR Mushroom 1pc
ofes026 $0.05 10000 29.2 5.5x6x0.6cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes025: Office Erasers PVC Assorted Ball Happy Face 1 Card
ofes025 $0.09 10000 24.2 5.5x7x1cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes024: Office Erasers TPR Pig 1pc
ofes024 $0.05 10000 34.8 5.5x6.5x0.6cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes023: Office Erasers TPR Happy Dolphin Life Ring 1pc
ofes023 $0.05 10000 37.5 5x6.5x0.5cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes022: Office Erasers PVC Assorted 1pc
ofes022 $0.04 10000 29.7 6.5x3.5x0.8cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes021: Office Erasers TPR Sport Boy 1pc
ofes021 $0.04 10000 27.1 6.6x4.5x0.5cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes020: Office Erasers TPR Sport Clothes 1pc
ofes020 $0.04 10000 30.9 7x4.5x0.6cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes019: Office Erasers TPR Cute Tiger 1pc
ofes019 $0.04 10000 30.1 5.5x5.5x1cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes018: Office Erasers TPR Butterfly 1pc
ofes018 $0.05 10000 33.4 6x6.5x0.6cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes017: Office Erasers PVC Assorted 1 Card
Cute dog, bear
ofes017 $0.22 10000 98 11x8.5cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes016: Office Erasers Sharper PVC Blue 1 Set
Six erasers and sharper.
ofes016 $0.87 10000 62.1 8x6x1.5cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes015: Office Erasers PVC Lipstick Shap Assorted Color 1pc
ofes015 $0.06 10000 16.5 7.5x1.5cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes014: Office Erasers PVC Plastic Beauty Pink 1pc
ofes014 $0.10 10000 23.5 10x2x1cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes013: Office Erasers PVC TPR Beer Plastic 1pc
ofes013 $0.10 10000 24.3 6x3x1.5cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes012: Office Erasers PVC Picture Frame Shape 1pc
"Brave tiger"
ofes012 $0.15 10000 34.6 5x6x1cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes011: Office Erasers PVC Rabbit Cylinder Assorted Color 1 Box
Packing: 7pcs/Box
ofes011 $0.07 10000 19.7 2.3x0.9cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes010: Office Erasers PVC Flip-Flop Flower 1pc
ofes010 $0.12 10000 46.2 9x4.5x1.2cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes009: Office Erasers PVC Pudding Boy 1 Card
ofes009 $0.10 10000 3.9 6x3x0.6cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes008: Office Erasers TPR 100 Dollar 1pc
ofes008 $0.11 10000 50.6 10x4.1x0.6cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes007: Office Erasers PVC Flip-Flop Star Heart 1 Card
"Brave tiger"
ofes007 $0.19 10000 64 8x3.5x1cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes006: Office Erasers PVC Assorted Fish 1 Card
ofes006 $0.08 10000 23 3x2x0.5cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes005: Office Erasers PVC Carb Strawberry 1pc
Zip bag, cokie beer
ofes005 $0.12 10000 10.8 3.5x2x1cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes004: Office Erasers PVC Flip-Flop Fish "Brave Tiger" 1pc
ofes004 $0.13 10000 44.1 9x5.5x0.6cm
Office Erasers                                 ofes001: Office Erasers
ofes001 Inquire
Office Erasers ofes002: Office Erasers
ofes002 Inquire
Office Erasers ofes003: Office Erasers
ofes003 Inquire

China Factory Minimum Quantity of these erasers items can be negotiated with factories. Dollar Amount is often more important to smaller factories than the quantity of each piece. Minimum quantity often can be divided among several erasers or stock numbers. Please inquire with us about your specific needs for smaller quantities than those listed. Smaller quantity can result in a bit higher price. Ask us for a quote.

Custom Orders are possible with any of our erasers products. Send us a .jpg example of what you want. If we don't have it, we can get it.


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